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In 2010, two guys who had worked in the sealcoating industry had a very simple — yet brilliant — idea. The idea was to start a sealcoating company like no other, one that provides reliable quality and service. Now you might think that this was not something new, but we noticed that there were very few (if any) sealcoating companies that live up to these standards. While this was shocking to us, it provided the perfect opportunity, and on that day, Big Joes’ Sealcoating was founded.

Our business model has always been very simple. We provide top-notch service in every aspect. We have followed this business model since the company started, and thanks to our amazing customers, our growth has been incredible.

A Word From Adam Rasmussen, Owner
When I was younger, I never thought of owning my own business. I always thought I wanted to graduate from college and get a cozy job with bankers’ hours…but what can I say, I was young and thought I knew everything. Once I entered the ‘real world’ after college, I realized that I wanted more; that I wanted to do something I believed in and not just earn a paycheck.

“With that realization and the idea for Big Joe’s Sealcoating, I found my true calling. Up to the point of starting this company, I had never truly loved any job I had. Starting this company with my brother has been the best thing that ever happened to me (not counting my amazing wife and two wonderful children…well, the two children are wonderful most of the time). It may sound odd, but I really love this company and the work that I get to do every day.

In case you can’t tell, I’m passionate about sealcoating! Sealcoating every two years can double the life of your driveway and reduce the likelihood of larger repair issues. Sealcoating will also provide a dark finish for your driveway that will beautify your home.

This simple, low-cost procedure can save you a significant amount of money in the long run by eliminating the need for more extensive and costly repairs. Sealcoating does not stop the effects of aging but slows them down significantly. For those who want to learn a bit more about sealcoating, you can read on at the links below.

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