Sealcoating Process

Big Joe’s Sealcoating does the job right! We sealcoat and repair asphalt pavement in a first-rate, professional way, using only the best products, to assure a superior result every time. We have almost 20 years of experience and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work. We’re sharing our parking lot and driveway sealing process here so our customers understand what goes into a high-quality sealcoating project.

Step 1: Cleaning and Edging

The first step to a perfect driveway or parking lot is a thorough cleaning. First we edge the pavement and trim down any overgrowth between the cracks. We then utilize an industry standard of high-pressure blower cleaning and power sweeping. Power sweeping with steel brushes combined with the use of high-pressure blowers provides a clean base for the sealer to adhere to. We include this service as part of the sealcoating process at no extra charge.

Step 2: Oil Stain Treatment

We broom and scrub the stain to remove any free-floating residue. We use either Tarloc® MPC or Davies Imperial Coatings® Oil Spot Primer to treat and clean oil spots and other harmful chemicals on the asphalt. We include this service at no charge to the customer. Most asphalt sealcoating companies also provide this service, but you should be cautious of the asphalt sealcoaters that do not.

Step 3: Crack Filling – Trowel Grade (Optional)

This is the crack filler that comes out of a bucket and is used by most companies. It is not a long term fix which can start splitting open in as little as a few weeks. This crack filler’s effectiveness is determined by the condition of the asphalt. This crack filler could last several years OR it could start to split open in a couple days if your asphalt shifts and moves under the weight of vehicles. Crack filler will not make the cracks disappear but will help in specific situations where it is applicable.

Step 4: Crack Repair – Hot Rubber (Optional)

This is the long-term crack repair option.
For Homeowners
Because a separate crew performs this work and because working with hot rubber is so challenging (the product is over 400˚F when applied), we charge a separate minimum of $300 for this service.

For Businesses Owners
Cracks in parking lots spread and get larger over time — due to water freeze/thaw cycles — so it’s important to repair them when they first form. Repairing the crack also prevents dirt from entering the crack and prohibits the growth of vegetation. Crack repair is more expensive and not as effective if you wait until you have thousands of cracks in your parking lot. At that point, the investment in crack repair will be so high that it would be better to save that money toward the installation of an entirely new parking lot.
Hot rubber crack repair is not suitable for all cracks in asphalt. Hot rubber can only be applied to cracks that are a minimum of 3/8 of an inch wide and 3/4 of an inch deep.

Step 5: Pothole Patching (Optional)

After thoroughly cleaning the pothole or affected area, we use Brewer Cote® High Performance Pothole Patch, which is a cold-applied, high-performance pothole patch material. This all-weather material can be used to fill potholes in wet or dry conditions. Brewer Cote® High Performance Pothole Patch remains pliable at temperatures as low as -20°F and is a fast, economical and durable pothole patch for parking lots and driveways.

Step 6: Asphalt Sealcoating

Big Joe’s Sealcoating never waters down our sealer mixture. We hand-apply all commercial-grade sealer by brush. This allows us to work the sealer into the asphalt, which makes it last longer and gives the surface a nice, consistent and often textured appearance. While the hand applications method may be slightly more costly, it allows for the application of more overall material and, consequently, provides longer-lasting coverage and protection.

We use the industry’s best sealer, Brewer Cote® Pavement Sealer, a product that exceeds all composition and performance requirements of ASTM Specification D5727 (formerly Federal Specification RP-355). Combining a premium coal tar emulsion with an epoxy fortifier, this industrial-grade sealer is engineered to protect asphalt by ensuring the maximum amount of rejuvenation and protection while allowing the pavement to function as intended.

Step 7: Line Striping (Parking Lots)

Using Sherwin-Williams® Traffic Paints, Big Joe’s Sealcoating gives your parking lot bright, long-lasting line markings. We help visitors navigate your lot correctly through the application of multiple colors, each one representing a different parking lot attribute such as travel direction, parking spaces, handicap spots and no-parking zones.

Step 8: Barricading the Work Area

To prevent premature traffic on the work area, we barricade the driveway or parking lot. The barricade also helps us get more business by showing off how good our work is. I always say that any sealcoating company that does not put up a sign and barricade isn’t proud of the work it’s doing!

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