Asphalt Repair

When you require commercial sealcoating services, turn to Big Joe’s Sealcoating, a premier parking lot repair company. We provide a whole range of asphalt parking lot repair and maintenance services — from sealcoating and crack repair to line striping — so you can select exactly the services you need.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in Chicago

We include these services with every parking lot we seal:

  • Cleaning and Edging
  • Priming Oil Stains
  • Sealcoating the Driveway
  • Barricading the Work Area
  • Line Striping

While sealcoating is our main business, we offer additional services as well. Please ask about the optional services presented below. After assessing your situation, we’ll recommend one of these options if we think it would be beneficial for your parking lot.

Hot Rubber Crack Repair (Optional)

It’s inevitable — asphalt is going to form cracks as it ages. Everything in the universe deteriorates over time and asphalt is no exception; cracking is simply a sign of that deterioration.

Why are cracks a problem? Cracks allow water to enter the pavement and the gravel sub-base beneath it. During the winter, the freeze/thaw cycles cause the water to expand and contract, causing the crack to get worse. The only way to stop this process is by repairing the cracks.

You should note that this type of repair is not applicable for all asphalt cracks. Hot rubber can only be used to repair cracks that are at least 3/8 of an inch wide and 1/4 of an inch deep.

Line Striping (Optional)

We consider ourselves the best line stripers in Chicagoland — and if you’ve ever seen our work, you would understand why! To learn more about our striping work, click here.

Slurry Sealcoating (Optional)

Slurry sealcoating helps make your old, beat-up parking lot look better than sealcoating alone. Your lot won’t end up looking brand new, but it will look ten times better than it looked before it was sealed.

  • The Process
    Special-grade silica sand is added to sealer to create a thicker sealer, which is used to fill in cracks and dimples in the asphalt of on an old parking lot. For every gallon of bulk sealer, we add 2 – 5 pounds of sand.
  • Advantages
    Because sand is cheap, slurry sealcoating is very affordable option. Fixing every problem in an old parking lot with specific repairs — like hot rubber, for example — would get very expensive, very quickly. If your parking lot doesn’t have many years left, it simply doesn’t pay to spend a lot of money on it.
  • Drawbacks
    The added traction from the sand causes slurry seals to erode faster on smooth surfaces. So while this process is fine for keeping older parking lots in business for a time, you wouldn’t want to use slurry sealcoating on newer lots.

Pothole Patching (Optional)

Have potholes appeared in your parking lot? Repairing potholes is necessary to eliminate potentially dangerous situations and prevent pavement distress in the immediate area. Because potholes expand over time, the sooner you fill the cavity, the better.

Only certain types of depressions in a parking lot can be repaired with pothole patching. Why? The patching material requires a deep depression with steep angles. It is not intended for use in shallow depressions or for leveling an uneven lot.

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