Basketball Court Painting

We don’t do basketball layouts out of necessity — we do basketball sport surfacing because we enjoy it! The team at Big Joe’s Sealcoating regularly plays basketball at the Downers Grove YMCA, so we did our first basketball court painting not for the money, but because we thought it would be really cool. We continue to provide this service out of personal enjoyment — and a surprising demand for residential basketball courts.

A high-quality basketball court striping job does more than let you know when you’re in three-point range. It helps protect the surface of your court, while making your entire property look sharper. Our basketball court painting service involves more than just painting basketball court lines on your driveway. We use the same professional-grade paint used on basketball courts at every level of competition. Ultimately, ensuring that you’ll have a court that not only looks great, but also can stand up to heavy use and the weather. We can stripe your basketball court in any combination of colors or designs you want. You can transform your backyard court into a replica of your favorite team’s home court or anything else you can imagine.

Painting a basketball court isn’t like striping a parking lot. It involves specialized tools and experience due to the unique nature of the paint being used and the precision needed to apply it. Our expertise in basketball court painting means we can guarantee the best results for your property’s court. When you choose Big Joe’s Sealcoating to paint your basketball court, you can be sure that the finished product will be something that looks great, and provides you with hours upon hours of exceptional performance.

Why We’re Better

Big Joe’s Sealcoating uses Tennis Universal Inc. and Sherwin-Williams® paints. Both paints are environmentally friendly, 100 percent acrylic, water-based formulas that provide excellent performance and durability.

Tennis Universal’s textured line paint is designed specifically for sport line painting. This brand’s paint can be matched to your choice of color. Sherwin-Williams paints leave bright, durable line markings on asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces. They are readily available in yellow, white, red and safety blue; there is an additional fee for customized stencils or specialty colors.

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