Residential Rates

What is the cost of sealcoating a driveway? Below are our average residential asphalt driveway sealcoating prices. For a more exact price, please feel free to request an estimate or call us at 630-935-7032.

Rates for Regularly Sealed Asphalt

Regularly sealed driveways are sealed every 1 – 2 years. These prices are less expensive as the asphalt does not require as much sealer as unsealed pavement. Prices may vary because a driveway might fall between the “regularly sealed” and “unsealed” categories. For example, if your driveway was sealed 3 – 4 years ago, it is not considered “regularly sealed.” Because it’s surface is more porous, it requires more sealer, but not enough to be considered “unsealed asphalt.”

Rates for Unsealed Asphalt

Rates for Unsealed Asphalt Unsealed asphalt is either new and has not been sealed yet, or old asphalt that has not been sealed in several years. Because it is more porous and requires more sealer, unsealed asphalt is more expensive to seal. New asphalt especially requires about twice as much sealer as regularly sealed pavement.

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