Downers Grove

Downers Grove

Could the exterior of your Downers Grove property use a facelift? Does the condition of your driveway leave something to be desired? Would you like to improve you home’s curb appeal? If so, then it’s time to call Big Joe’s Sealcoating. We’ll have your driveway looking beautiful and enhancing your property in no time!

Downers Grove Sealcoating and Line Striping Services

Whether you need routine sealcoating and maintenance, driveway crack or pothole repairs, or even a paint job for your basketball court, count on Big Joe’s Sealcoating to do the job — and do it right.

Driveway Services

  • Sealcoating. With every driveway project we undertake, we clean and edge the driveway, prime oil, and gasoline stains, and sealcoat the driveway. Afterward, we barricade the work area to keep traffic off the pavement until the sealer is completely set.
  • Optional Repairs. Big Joe's Sealcoating assesses your driveway carefully, and we won't recommend any of these options unless we truly believe that your driveway needs them. We offer hot rubber crack repair, trowel-grade crack filling, slurry sealcoating and pothole patching.

Line Striping Services

At this time, we offer sport surfacing only for outdoor basketball courts, although we plan to do tennis courts in the future. We love striping and painting basketball courts! If you want the coolest basketball court in the neighborhood, contact us and let us show you what we can do.

Why We're Better

  • Superior Service
  • Big Joe’s Sealcoating is responsive — when you contact us, we don’t leave you hanging. You’ll get an estimate and a scheduled appointment much faster than you would from the competition.
  • High-Quality Work
    We use only top-of-the-line products and the best methods in the industry, and we perform each job to the highest standards. We always satisfy our customers in a timely manner — guaranteed.

First time using these guys and it will be the first of many. They communicated well, cancelled because of impending rain (smart) and came as rescheduled and did professional, great job. They are cheaper than the one I had been using and, in my opinion, do a better job. Friendly crew and since we share a driveway, did a great job in stringing it to keep cars off. Wonderful. Use them!

— Scott F.
Downers Grove, IL