Big Joe’s Sealcoating uses only the best asphalt sealcoating products, equipment and line striping paints available. This ensures that every job meets your high expectations for quality and service — guaranteed.


We use Brewer Cote® Pavement Sealer, a product that exceeds all composition and performance requirements of ASTM Specification D5727 (formerly Federal Specification RP-355). The Brewer Company is by far the top asphalt sealer manufacturer in the industry.

Sealcoating Equipment

Big Joe’s Sealcoating utilizes top-of-the-line equipment designed specifically for commercial applications. We use a combination of power blowers manufactured by Stihl® and Little Wonder®.

Line Striping Paints

We use Sherwin-Williams® brand Traffic Paints, which are designed to provide bright, durable line markings on asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces. This environmentally friendly, 100% acrylic, water-based paint offers exceptional performance and durability.

Graco® LineLazer IV 3900 Line Striper is also used for parking lot and line striping. Graco has been a world leader in fluid handling systems and components since 1926.

Oil Stain Treatments

At Big Joe’s Sealcoating, we use either Tarloc® MPC or Davies Imperial Coatings® Oil Spot Primer to treat and clean oil spots and other harmful chemicals on the asphalt. Both products are water-based coatings that help promote adhesion between oil-treated areas and asphalt coating.

Asphalt Pothole Patch

We use Brewer Cote® High Performance Pothole Patch, a cold-applied pothole patch material. This all-weather material can be used to fill potholes in wet or dry conditions. Brewer Cote® High Performance Pothole Patch remains pliable at temperatures as low as -20˚F and is a fast, economical and durable pothole patch for parking lots and driveways.

Crack Filler (Trowel-Grade)

To fill asphalt cracks, Big Joe’s Sealcoating uses Brewer Cote® Gator-Mastic Crack Filler®. This asphalt crack filler cold applied, fast drying, exhibits minimal shrinkage and remains flexible over broad temperature ranges.

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